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Transport of dangerous goods

One of the main activities of our company is to ensure the transport of dangerous goods. To this type of goods are substances which are capable of transporting and loading a negative impact on human health (cause an injury, poisoning, radiation burns), lead to accidental fire, damage to buildings and other structures or vehicles. Organization of transportation of this type involves adherence to certain rules, which are regulated by the relevant documents.

Dangerous goods are divided into classifications and the challenge for any large company - to provide transportation to customers regardless of what type of cargo will have to work. Our company is one of the few who are able to offer the most comprehensive range of services for the delivery of dangerous goods. We provide both road and railway or air delivery.

Cooperation with our company also includes:

  • Prompt and competent completion of all necessary documentation;
  • The organization of transportation at a high level;
  • Advice and assistance in areas such as program development and delivery, etc.;
  • Debugged work through long experience and qualified personnel;
  • Any transport that best able to cope with a particular range of tasks;
  • Affordable and more.

We will be glad to cooperate!

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