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Oversized transportation

That such outsized? This non-standard cargo sufficiently large. And such a load can be heavy. Transport it can be a problem - not all shipping companies are taking up oversized transportation.

But for our company and oversize cargo transportation, as well as heavy-lift, is one of the specialties. We deliver the goods at the right time and in a given period, and the size / weight carried is not an obstacle.

Most importantly - accurate calculations and planning!

Will reveal some secrets of the "internal kitchen" of such a service, as oversized and heavy cargo.

Top priority task - to build an effective delivery chain and overload oversize. To do this, our experts calculate the route in view of which vehicles will be involved. Of course, the road transport of bulky goods - the most common.

The next step - the development of an efficient algorithm for loading and unloading. At this stage, the decision - in what way and at what stage it will be loading / unloading, what tools will be needed.

Exceptional loads must be carefully planned in terms of detailed design route. Must take into account things like cargo support (if required), the need to exempt certain areas of the cargo from foreign vehicles.

Often require cargo tracking - in such cases you must request permission to transport bulky goods and special maintenance of traffic police.

In an area such as the transport of bulky goods by road can be small things. Our specialists will opportunity to enter into the turns and passing the "long-length" and the heavyweights on the bridges and tunnels and in all sections of the road under the bridges.

"Waterland Logistics" - all delivered and on time!

That often acts as a heavy and bulky cargo? It can be support / overlapping bridges and other structures, special large size (for example, to work in the quarries), military equipment, large equipment and special units, large transformers and more

Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo company "Waterland Logisticss" - a guarantee of quality of service, efficiency and professionalism. Turning to us, you can be absolutely sure - goods will be delivered at the right time in the right place, in full and without incident. Years of experience in this field allows us to be confident in that.

We have a lot of own developments and techniques. For example, we are committed to working template for the method of delivery and transportation of bulky goods passing customs. We are looking for every opportunity to avoid customs idle if necessary to the client.

Prices for transportation of oversized and bulky loads in "Waterland Logistics" - the most adequate. Contact right now - take advantage of our service and our cooperation will be fruitful!

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