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Carriage by sea

Carriage by sea - best deal for companies that constantly transport goods to areas where overland connection is not optimal because of poor transport interchanges or from the financial side.

Carriage by sea is usually cheaper. But it is necessary to take into account that the transportation by sea takes more time than the same car. This is the only fully refunded minus such advantages as:

  • simultaneous transport of many goods;
  • efficiency services;
  • wide geography of transport.

The company «Waterland Logistics» provides sea transport boxcars and gondolas, all types of shipping containers, platforms and special rolling stock. Thanks to well-functioning logistics schemes, we provide freight ship for sea transport from Scandinavia and other European countries to industrial enterprises of the Urals, the Far East, Siberia, Latin and North America, South-East Asian countries.

Turning to «Waterland Logistics» you will get excellent service, complete safety and absolute safety of goods as well as the exact observance of delivery dates.

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