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Among the various types of delivery rail confidently occupy a niche of one of the most reliable and affordable way to transport goods.

Carriage by rail means that you can deliver literally anything, including special equipment and oversized cargo. Our experience allows us to provide timely delivery of all types of commercial, industrial and industrial use.

Project cargo rail with «Waterland Logistics» - is transportation in all directions within the Russian Federation and abroad. Reliable Russian and foreign partners allows us to deliver any cargo to the highest standard of service. All additional services, including loading and unloading, fastening products, cargo insurance are specified in advance. Transparency and simplicity of pricing processes - the priority of our customer communications.

«Waterland Logistics» constant technical improvements which adapts to the changing demands of the freight market. We use different types of rolling stock, from year to year, expanding the areas of services. Our company provides rail transportation of any goods covered and Uncovered cars.

«Waterland Logistics» offers a wide range of rail transport:

freight railway cars;

transportation of goods w / d transport in tanks;

container transport by rail platforms.

Our specialists will calculate and pick the most optimal route and method of transportation for your particular shipment. Railway cargo transportation to «Waterland Logistics» - confidence in the safety and timely delivery of your shipment.

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